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Superhuman Retreat 

How do you feel? Do you sleep well? Are you staying productive and motivated? Most of us struggle or at least need some help. Make your health and wellness a priority and book one of our monthly retreats at Kapuhala Koh Samui!

During your 5-day retreat, you will:

Live – reconnect to the natural world around you, live socially and eat communally; learn how to enhance your physical and cognitive performance.
Eat – plant-based gourmet food, and learn about different diets and intermittent fasting.
Move – swimming, running, training, HIT and functional training, yoga and meditation, all with circadian rhythm considerations.

Retreat targets:

  • enhancing your physical and cognitive performance on your road to becoming superhuman
  • improving body mass composition
  • resetting circadian rhythm 
  • finding renewed clarity and motivation
  • increasing lifespan and ‘healthspan’
  • tricks for better habits and addiction control
  • have fun, socialise and make connections while enjoying great food at a beautiful resort
  • teaching all of the above so you can continue to DIY at home



Enjoy the long week-end that will transform your body and mind!

MAY 25-29

JUN 8-12

JUL 6-10

SEP 14-18


8:45 am – Morning Workout

This will consist in:

  • 45 Min Cardio assorted
  • 45 Min Functional training or HIT
  • 15 Min meditation and stretching

11.30 am – Workshops

Topics that we will cover:

  • Enhancing lifespan and ‘healthspan’ living in a Blue Zone. Finding meaning in work, life and body-mind connection
  • Food and routines that give you a cognitive edge
  • 10 habits to increase your lifespan and prevent cognitive decline
  • Primal living for futuristic leaders
  • Togetherness. The Oxytocin study
  • Brain structure and health. Understand your brain to understand and bio-hack yourself

1 pm – Lunch Time

A nice lunch served by the pool! This is the first meal of the day to respect a 16:8 fasting time

2 pm – Rest or explore

After lunch is your time to rest or explore the island, if you wish we can arrange massage for you, transportations or others.

5 pm – Afternoon workout

Choice of:

  • Animal Flow
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Walks in the jungle

7pm – Light dinner and drinks

Connect with likeminded people, discuss the topics of the day and relax in harmony

8 pm – Free time

Go out with the others and have fun!

Just make sure to show up the day after!

Every physical activity comes with different choices and intensity levels, the goal is to sweat and have fun!


Prices may vary based on single or double occupancy and room type.

We will provide 

  • airport transfers each 6 pax 
  • blood monitoring 
  • meals as mentioned above 
  • unique and unforgettable environment 
  • a lot of love, care, plants and knowledge

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