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Dear visitors, due to recent public health developments and newly released Thai regulations we are sad to inform you that all fitness and yoga classes are temporarily suspended.

Train Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

Here at Kapuhala fitness and yoga are part of who we are. Move with Kapuhala to optimize your physical and mental performance. We specialize in OCR (Obstacle Course Race) training and preparation for races, our daily group fitness classes are suitable for all.

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Kapuhala Packages

Personal Training

Initial appraisal
Individually customized training programme

Single Fitness Class

Access to 1 fitness or Yoga class.
Showers and towels available.
Complimentary herbal tea
฿ 600

Weekly Fitness Class

Unlimited 1 week access to fitness or yoga classes
Showers and towels available
Complimentary herbal tea
฿ ?

Pool Only Pass

Access to the swimming pool
from 7 am to 5 pm
Showers and towels available
฿ ? 1 Day / ฿ ? 1 Week

Day Pass at Kapuhala

Access to all classes
Use of resort facilities - fitness studio, sauna, swimming pool, showers
A complimentary refreshing juice
฿ 1500

*Available for purchase at reception. Please contact us for class reservations on

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Enhance your athletic performance.
Train more effectively based on your Circadian Rhythm.
Understand how your body works and use it to your advantage.

Kapuhala has developed an effective training formula with Circadian Rhythm in mind,
a natural biological process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle

BURN – Light cardio such as yoga or a swim in a fasted state is a perfect way to start your morning as your body temperature rises.

BUILD – Strength training is best tackled just before noon when body temperature is at its highest. Kapuhala Bootcamp incorporates cardio, strength and flexibility for a complete workout. 

FIX – In the evening Yin Yoga will help you to activate your parasympathetic system and relax ahead of dinner. Stretching and relaxing your mind is crucial!

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