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Longevity Package

Kapuhala is proud to launch its longevity protocol for our guests who are interested in enhancing their physical and cognitive performance. During this retreat schedule during your stay at our resort, you will find renewed clarity and motivation, while enjoying great food in a beautiful environment. By following our protocol, you will have the below health benefits:

  • Improve body mass composition
  • Optimize circadian rhythm
  • Learn tricks for better habits and control addiction 
  • Practice the above to DIY at home
  • Have fun, socialize and make connections 

In short: Within your few days at Kapuhala, we will show you how to live your life in order to increase longevity!

The Longevity Protocol (reference only and may subject to change):

8:45 am – Morning Workout

This will consist of:

  • 30-45 Min Cardio assorted
  • 15 Min Functional training or HIT
  • 15 Min Meditation and stretching
  • 11.00 am – Brunch (or late breakfast)

This will consist of:

A beautiful plant based buffet to be served by the pool. This is the first meal of the day to respect a 16:8 fasting time



5 pm – Afternoon workout

This will consist in a choice of:

  • Animal Flow
  • Yoga in combination with Sauna
  • Swimming
  • Walks in the jungle
  • Breath work or ice baths

*Every physical activity comes with different choices and intensity levels, the goal is to sweat, have fun!

7pm – Dinner and drinks

Connect with likeminded people, discuss topics of the day and relax in harmony. Our cuisine is plant based and with a lot of colors and nutrients

8 pm – Free time or read and sleep

Go out and have fun or follow circadian rhythm and go to bed for a good night’s rest

Please note that:

We will give constant guidance on calories intake and level of exercise to achieve based on your personal goals:

  • Weight loss 
  • Better mood
  • Better bowel movements

We will monitor vitals via a trusted app, please bring a wearable device if you have one and we will connect you on arrival.


  • The cost of the package starts at extra 8,000THB per day plus your accommodation. Please check with us for more info
  • Minimum 3 nights

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