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The Kapuhala Longevity® Retreat in Koh Samui

The Kapuhala Longevity® Retreat in Koh Samui

Lead by Biohacking guru Stefano Passarello and a local team of experts – October 6th to 21st, 2024
A Retreat that will “enhance your life” for good.

The Kapuhala Longevity® Retreat is a groundbreaking program based on the Kapuhala Longevity protocol designed to elevate your well-being and tap into your undiscovered potential. 

Science and ancient wisdom will be combined to offer one of the most remarkable experiences of participants.

The retreat will grant long time access to our Mentorship team with a maximum of 12 hours per year and 20% discount on any Kapuhala resorts, services and products around the globe.


The retreat is structured following a scientific yet holistic approach with the 3 main pillars of Kapuhala: Nutrition, Movement, Socialization.

Nutrition: As much Whole Food Plant based food as possible, adapted to individual goals and served in regular times.

Movement: Cardio, Strength and Mobility/Flexibility class up to three daily sessions.

Socialization: Socialize with forward thinkers, exchange ideas and learn new knowledge.

By joining the Kapuhala Longevity Retreat you will:

  • Improve body mass composition (losing fat and increasing muscle mass)
  • Improve gut health
  • Optimize sleep and circadian rhythm 
  • Gain knowledge of a plant based nutrition and nutrition habits to longevity
  • Gain knowledge and and ad hoc improvement of personal longevity status quo
  • Manage and prevent addictions 
  • Rewire cognitive/brain neuro path with a one-to-one approach
  • Learn breathing and meditation techniques to alter brain chemistry and achieve profound state inner peace and clarity
  • Engage in high level networking and make quality connections with other forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Bring home a set of practices including trainings, routines and curated material for future consultation

Retreat Hosts:

Stefano Passerello

Stefano Passarello is a distinguished entrepreneur, leader, and athlete who stands out as a prominent figure in the fields of biohacking and longevity teachings. His notable contributions extend to being the driving force behind the Kapuhala Longevity Program™ and the newly launched Retreat based on it.

With a background rooted in formidable athleticism, Stefano has honed incredible physical capabilities being a IronMan Hawaii World Championship record holder, Marathon Record Holder of Hong Kong. His philosophy centers around the principles of Blue Zones and brain rewiring, advocating for a well-balanced lifestyle that includes maintaining a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and fostering a sense of community. He is a proponent of the concept hormesis, and daily exposure to achieve superhuman cognitive and physical performances.

Chef Crystal Lee

Longevity Chef Crystal Lee, head chef at Kapuhala and scholar of the Milan Joia Academy, is a renowned expert in plant-based nutrition and a great supporter of the farm-to-table philosophy. Specializing in Sicilian-inspired cuisine with a focus on local ingredients, she draws inspiration from Blue Zones cuisines, known for promoting longevity.

Her culinary expertise shines at the Kapuhala Longevity Retreat, where she tailors meals to participants’ nutritional needs. Chef Crystal Lee seamlessly blends health-conscious practices with delectable experiences, embodying a harmonious fusion of taste, estetic and well-being rooted in the traditions of the Blue Zones.

Retreat Daily Schedule:


Meditation practice and slow hot flow

Morning Workout a choice or mix of:

  • 30-45 Min Cardio assorted
  • 15 Min Functional training or HIT
  • 15 Min Stretching and functional training


  • Late breakfast and collecting mentorship
  • A beautiful plant based late breakfast to be served by the pool. This is the first meal of the day to respect a 16:8 fasting time.
  • This time will be used to discuss your goals and make sure you are on the right track to achieve them.
  • We will discuss diverse topics about the latest science of longevity with curated books and topics, guest speakers and more.
  • Supplements will be given.


  • Rest and recovery.
  • Massage
  • Cupping
  • Acupuncture


Private ad-hoc consultations 30-45 min on booking

  • NLP sessions
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Re-wiring practices (one to one)

Afternoon workout that composes of:

  • Animal Flow
  • Swimming
  • Walks in the jungle
  • Breath work or ice baths
  • Sauna

*Every physical activity comes with different choices and intensity levels, the goal is to sweat and have fun!


  • Dinner and drinks
  • Connect with likeminded people, discuss topics of the day and relax in harmony. Our cuisine is plant based and with a lot of colors and nutrients.


  • Free time
  • Go out and have fun or follow circadian rhythm and go to bed for a good night’s rest.

Scientific Tracking

  • Kalibra (body metrics tracking app) – You will receive a brand new Fitbit ® ️ to connect with the app!
  • Blood test monitoring and progress check
  • HRV and Sleep optimization monitoring
  • Body mass index checking
  • Body type DNA testing
  • Testing biological age and corrective routines
  • Gut health pathway


  • Natural vitamins and supplements
  • Ancient Mushrooms (Rishi, Cordyceps, Lion Maine)
  • Plant-based high protein/low carb shakes available throughout the day

Science of Longevity

We will have discussions with celebrities and mentors in the longevity industry:
  • Andrea Mayer, The Chi Longevity
  • Andrea Riposati, Dante Lab
  • Dr Naras, The Chi Longevity
  • Anna Milani, Sparkd
  • Ivan Vatchkov, Kalibra
  • Ken The Vegan, Happy Cow
  • Vinz Low, Fitness and Longevity expert
  • Nathan Williams, Fitness and Longevity expert
  • Adam Lucifer, Health Lab Samui 


  • Tented Villas or Seaview Farmhouse
  • Restaurant 
  • Well equipped gym
  • 25m Infinity pool
  • Sauna and Ice Bath
  • Massages on demand

Cost and inclusions:

1-week retreat: 4950 USD Oct 6-13 (7 nights)
2-week retreat: 9850 USD Oct 6-20 (14 nights)
  • Accommodation, 
  • Free Fitbit
  • All meals and plans tailor made to caloric targets, 
  • Group trainings and one to one support 
  • NLP sessions
  • All testing: DNA, Gut, Metabolic, Blood, Predictive Diagnostic
DOUBLE occupancy: 20% off for your partner/friend!


Tented villa

Live Without Walls


At Kapuhala Koh Samui you have a unique opportunity to sleep surrounded by the ambient sounds of the jungle, yet still enjoy the comforts and amenities of a hotel room. We invite you to experience a different, more natural way of living. Become one with your surroundings, connect to the natural world around you and experience something as simple as waking up or taking a shower in an entirely new way.


All our Tented Villas are fully detached en suite structures with a private terrace where you can greet the sunrise or enjoy your breakfast. The villas are modular and with removable panels enabling you to enjoy the spectacular nature around you.

Seaview Farmhouse

A cozy mini cottages with seaview


Nestled on the edge of a hill, these no ordinary, architecturally unique Farmhouses are fully detached rooms with separate entrances built on top of large rocks – a natural geological wonder of the area.

Conveniently positioned close to the main building just across our tropical farm. Each house is 27 sq. m. and sleeps 2 people in a queen-size bed. Perfect for a single person or couple.

Wake up daily to a serene Seaview and enjoy the breathtaking sunrises on your private balcony.

Embark on a Journey Towards Longevity and Self-Discovery. Reserve Your Spot Now.

We invite you to book a phone consultation to understand more. Our Longevity Retreat is a powerful experience and it is crucial to understand fully. Our team of experts will explain properly over a video call, elaborating on the program and showing our beautiful location.

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